Selenite Chakra Suncatcher

Selenite Chakra Suncatcher


Made to Order | All stones will come from a batch similar to the photo. Please anticipate slight natural variation in stone shape/color.

The Seven Chakras are the 7 major energy centers in the body. This window hanging intends to align and balance the chakras, and includes a selenite wand to facilitate a smooth flow of positive energy through surrounding space and through the body. Selenite is particularly powerful in its ability to remove negative energy from the body and space. It clears surrounding energy and charges surrounding crystals, and encourages a deep state of peace and tranquility. The Selenite Chakra Suncatcher features all seven of the following stones and a rainbow gemstone chip tassel, all wrapped up in natural brown cord.

RED 1st Chakra - Root - Red Jasper

ORANGE 2nd Chakra - Sacral - Carnelian

YELLOW 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - Gold Calcite

GREEN 4th Chakra - Heart - Prehnite

BLUE 5th Chakra - Throat - Angelite

INDIGO 6th Chakra - Third Eye - Sodalite

PURPLE 7th Chakra - Crown - Amethyst

It is also possible to order with gemstones of your choice. Please contact me here to customize your gemstone choices. 

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