Larimar & Silver Adjustable Necklace (Grey Cord)

Larimar & Silver Adjustable Necklace (Grey Cord)


Cord Color: Grey

Silver bead detailing


SERENITY • SOOTHING |  Larimar, the Dolphin stone, embodies the tranquil energies of the sky and the sea. It is a rare form of Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic.  Larimar is a soothing, serene stone providing its wearer with an improved ability to communicate from a place of peace and truth. It is powerful in connecting to the Divine Feminine and during meditation, and is helpful in releasing old patterns and principles that no longer serve.   

Chakras: Throat

Adjustable Length Necklace

This necklace is adjustable and can be worn long, short, or in between. It is hand knotted, braided, and fitted to its unique stone and made with strong, smooth waxed cord.

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