Green Chalcedony Choker/Wrap Bracelet (Black Cord)

Green Chalcedony Choker/Wrap Bracelet (Black Cord)


Cord Color: Black 


PRESENCE • ACCEPTANCE | Chalcedony assists with staying in the moment. It brings inner calm and from there, opens the mind to the present. Chalcedony invites optimism and flexibility, and an openness to change and new situations. It encourages going with the flow and encourages letting go of resistance, replacing it with acceptance.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye

Choker/Wrap Bracelet

This combination piece is wonderfully versatile. It is tie-it-yourself and is the perfect length to wear as a choker necklace or a wrap bracelet. Each one is hand knotted, braided, and fitted to its unique stone and made with strong,  smooth waxed cord.

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